Obligatory equipment

Participants on 57 and 21 km must bring with them: 

  • Backpack
  • Wind- and water-proof jacket with hood
  • Wind- and water-proof long trousers
  • Map and compass
  • Mobile phone
  • Drink reservoir with a total volume of minimum 1 litre
  • Survival blanket
  • Food
  • Drink

All obligatory equipment is to be carried all the way from start to finish.


One may easily get cold in the mountains, if the weather changes or the speed goes down. We therefore recommend to bring a warm midlayer top (wool), a warm cap, and gloves.

We recommend to carry a power bank, so that you have sufficient power for the phone and eventually other aids requiring electricity.

Map and compass may be brought in digital form on a GPS unit or a mobile phone.

Beware that the routes pass trough areas without mobile service.

Headlamp is not mandatory, but it is recommended if one expects to use long time.

If you choose to use walking poles, you must carry them through the whole race, from start to finish.

The equipment will be subject to check by the organizer.

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