The next issue of Blefjells Beste is organized on Saturday 18 July 2020.

The enrolment is open from 1 November 2019.

The information below concerns the 2019 event.

The race has start and finish at the private cabin Bestebu, located at Klengstøl along the road “Store-Bleveien” (see directions).

We offer the following routes:

  • The “Troll route”, 57 km, 2000 m elevation gain/loss
  • The “Tusse route”, 21 km, 750 m elevation gain/loss
  • The “Smatusse route”, 10 km, 340 m elevation gain/loss
  • The “Smatroll route”, 6 km, 110 m elevation gain/loss

The routes are mostly following footpaths, some parts are also in mountain terrain without paths. The last 2-3 kilometers are on gravel road.

For maps and GPS tracks, see routes.


The routes are well marked. More than 1/3 of the 57 km is on permanently T-marked path, “Nordmannsslepa”, along the Store-Ble mountain massif. Along other parts of the routes there are red/white ribbons.


  • 57 km 08:00
  • 21 km 10:00
  • 10 km 10:00
  • For 6 km the start time can be freely chosen, within 10:00-12:00

Maximum time

14 hours on 57 km.

Enrolment fee

Until 01.05.2019:

  • 57 km 600 kr
  • 21 km 450 kr
  • 10 km  300 kr
  • 6 km 100 kr

From 02.05.2019:

  • 57 km 750 kr
  • 21 km 600 kr
  • 10 km 450 kr
  • 6 km 100 kr


The enrolment is open from 1 October 2018.

The deadline for enrolment via internet is Monday 8 July 2019. After this date the organizer must be contacted on telephone or e-mail, see, see our contact info.

The enrolment is binding and is valid only after payment of the participant fee. In the registration form one checks that one has read and is accepting the regulations and conditions. Participants below 18 years must be enrolled by a parental guardian.

Maximum number of participants

  • 57 km: 100 participants
  • 21 km: 75 participants
  • 10 km: 75 participants

Obligatory equipment

See the list here.

Safety and behaviour

Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety. It is mandatory to help an other participant who is in an emergency situation.

The participants must take particular care when encountering wild reindeer.


The race is based on the principle of self-support, which means that each participant must carry all food, drink, and equipment needed along the route. Normally it is easy to find drinking water in streams. 

Handout of bibs and trackers

Solum gård, Friday: 17:00-19:00 (bibs only)

Bestebu, Saturday:

57 km                06:30 – 07:15

21 and 10 km     08:15-09:15



The 3 best women and 3 best men on all distances will be rewarded. All participants completing the race will receive a medal as a memory of the event.

Pricegiving ceremony

  • 57 km 17:00
  • 21 km 14:30
  • 10 km 13:30
  • 6 km 13:30


We have good offers on accommodation at Solum gård and Lampeland hotel.

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