Haugen farm

Updated 03.07.2020

Haugen farm at Flesberg is owned by Flesberg municipality, while operated and maintained by Haugens venner. Haugen is a pitoresque leasure area bounding the river Numedalslågen and has a central location in the Flesberg village.

Haugen has one small "stabbur" (traditional storage house) and a small guest house, both with 2 beds, and a main house containing 6 beds.

    Offer 17-19 July  2020

    For participants in Blefjells Beste and their accompanying persons Haugen can offer the following:

    • Rental of stabbur or small guest house:  400 NOK per day

    • Rental of the main house: 1000 NOK per day

    The beds have duvet and pillow, while linen must be brought by the guests.

    • Tent: 100 NOK per day

    • Camping van/ motorhome: 250 NOK per day, which includes access to electricity (the parking space with power outlets is limited).

    The guests have access to the service house, which contains toilet, shower, wash basin, and

    water faucet.


    Haugens venner: mobile +47 95878887.

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