During enrolment to the race one may book transportation from Lampeland hotell and Haugen bridge (Flesberg) to the start/finish area at Bestebu, with return in the afternoon/evening. 

Transportation may also be booked later on, by accessing the link to personal data in the e-mail confirming your enrolment. The deadline is 12 July 2020.

Ticket prices

Lampeland hotell – Bestebu:    kr 100

Haugen bru – Bestebu:            kr 75

Bestebu – Lampeland hotell:    kr 100

Bestebu – Haugen bru:            kr 75


Departure times

From Lampeland hotell:     

06:00  08:00  09:30

From Haugen bru:             

06:10  08:10  09:40

Return from Bestebu:

14:15  16:00  17:30  19:30  22:15

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