Extended number of slots, 57 km


The 57 km distance is very popular this year, and we have decided to extend the number of slots from 75 to 100. If the maximum number is reached (which is quite likely) it will be possible to buy slots from those who cannot take part. For the procedure of how to do this, take contact with us.

Qualifying race 2019 for the UTMB


Blefjells Beste 2019 is approved as qualifying race for the prestigious Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Completion of the 57 km distance yields 3 points. You will also, for the very first time, get 1 point for the 21 km distance.

The GPS-tracks of Blefjells Beste have been updated


The GPS-tracks of Blefjells Beste have been subject to some minor (cosmetic) updates. All info about this can be found on our routes page. From 2019 the 57K and 21K can also be viewed on the popular trail running website tracedetrail.

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