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Blefjells Beste


Welcome to the 10th edition of Blefjells Beste, 20 July 2024!

Blefjells Beste is an ultra-trail race in the Blefjell mountain area. Along the route you will encounter many of the most spectacular places on "Store-Ble".

We offer four different routes:

  • The Troll route, 57 km, 2000 m elevation.
  • The Tusse route, 21 km, 750 m elevation.
  • The Småtusse route, 10 km, 340 m elevation.
  • The Småtroll route, 5 km, 110 m elevation.

Blefjells Beste is intended to be a social and informal race for everyone that likes to exercise in forest and mountain area.

The legend of Brørsteinan (The brother stones)

Two boys went up the mountain from Gunnulvsbu to collect juniper shrubs to their mother. It became foggy, and they started quarreling about the way home. As a result, both boys were turned into stone. The one who was right is located most to the East; he has kept his head on!

It is said that you become dizzy if you dare to stand between the rocks. It is a great opportunity to try this on the race day!


Blefjells Beste is organized by the voluntary organization Langt og Lenge. We are trail-running enthusiasts devoted to organizing long-distance trail runs and hikes in the nature, We aim to offer memorable challenges and adventures, and to contribute to joy and friendship among those who take part.


Blefjells Beste needs volunteers.

Take contact if you would like to help during the event!